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Agreement is entered into between Terri Perkins, of Oso Bodacious Mastiffs, at the above address, hereafter known as “Breeder” and _____________________________________________________, hereafter known as “Buyer” to transfer ownership of one (1) Mastiff puppy as described below.

DOB:  ____________________

AKC Litter #:  ___________________ 

Sex:  _________

Color: ___________________________

Registered Name: Oso Bodacious_______________________________________________________                                                                                          

from the breeding of:

DAM:  ______________________________ AKC Reg. #:  __________ 

SIRE:  ______________________________ AKC Reg. #:  __________


The Buyer agrees to pay the Breeder a total of $XXXX.XX for a show potential puppy, or $XXXX.XX for a pet puppy.  The Breeder acknowledges receipt of a deposit in the amount of $500.00 paid by cash, or check #______.  Deposit shall be completely applied toward payment of the total purchase price.  Full payment is due and payable when the Buyer takes possession of the puppy.


Show potential puppies will be sold on full registration.  Pet puppies will be sold on limited registration.  If not available at the time of purchase, AKC registration papers shall be forwarded to the Buyer as quickly as possible after payment in full has been made to the Breeder. 




The Breeder guarantees the puppy to be in good health and free from parasites at the time of purchase.  In the case of a male puppy, the Breeder also guarantees that there are two (2) descended testicles present.


The Buyer agrees to have the puppy examined by a veterinarian within five (5) working days of taking possession of the puppy.  If the Buyer’s veterinarian finds that the puppy is unhealthy, unsound, or possesses a congenital defect, the Buyer may return the puppy to the Breeder immediately (within three (3) days) with a certificate from the veterinarian stating the condition.  The Breeder reserves the right to confirm stated condition by taking the puppy to a veterinarian of the Breeder’s choosing, expenses to be paid for by the Breeder.  Upon confirmation of stated condition, the puppy will be titled back to the Breeder and the Breeder will refund the full purchase price of the puppy, or the Buyer may choose a puppy of equal quality from the remaining litter.


If the veterinarian chosen by the Breeder finds nothing to confirm the stated condition, the Buyer may still return the puppy to the Breeder, but will receive no compensations.  All moneys paid to the Breeder will be forfeited and the puppy will be titled back to the Breeder.  If the Buyer chooses to keep the puppy, the Breeder will not be responsible for any veterinary costs incurred.


The Buyer is hereby granted a guarantee against serious congenital or proven genetic defects until the dog reaches twenty four (24) months of age.  Should the puppy develop any condition before the second birthday, the Buyer must provide a veterinarian’s certificate, x-rays, and full medical history to a veterinarian of the Breeder’s choosing.  The Breeder reserves the right to have the puppy re-evaluated and/or have diagnostic testing done, expenses to be paid for by the Buyer.


If it is conclusive that the congenital or genetic defect is in fact a hereditary condition that was not contributed to through the Buyer's care and environment, and that this condition could not have been avoided, the Buyer is entitled to:

1.     Keep the puppy.  Upon proof that the dog has been spayed/neutered, the Breeder will proved a replacement puppy, of equal quality, upon first availability, at a cost of ½ the purchase price of the original puppy.


2.     Keep the puppy.  Upon proof that the dog has been spayed/neutered, the Breeder will provide a refund in the amount of ½ the purchase price of the puppy.

The Breeder will not be responsible for any veterinary costs incurred during the lifetime of the puppy.

This guarantee is null and void if calcium supplementation has been given, or the puppy is fed puppy food beyond the age of eight (8) weeks.


As subluxation, OCD, and HOD can be the results of poor nutrition, improper exercise and/or excessive crating, no guarantee shall apply for these conditions.  It is the Breeder’s opinion that unilateral dysplasia is non-genetic and of injury or nutritional origin, and as such are not guaranteed against.  The Breeder reserves the right to not guarantee hips if evidence of atrophy due to torn cruciate or meniscus ligaments of the knee joint are present.  Thyroid disease is often the result of improper nutrition; therefore, the Breeder reserves the right to not guarantee this condition.  Heartworm related cardiac disease is brought on by neglect to properly care for the Mastiff and no guarantee shall apply for this condition.   In male puppies, cryptorchidism can occur spontaneously, even when two (2) descended testicles were previously present.  Therefore, cryptorchidism is not guaranteed after the Buyer takes possession of the puppy.




These conditions apply for the duration of the puppy’s life, unless otherwise stated.

* The Buyer agrees that the puppy will be treated as a member of the family; he/she is to be a companion and not left unattended or neglected.

* The puppy will never be trained as a guard or attack dog, or used for the purpose of fighting, or any other sport detrimental to the breed and its reputation.

* The puppy will never be chained outside or tied to a stake.
* The puppy will be provided with quality food, and will not be fed any puppy food, unless special conditions warrant high protein intake.  Such conditions are to be discussed with the Buyer’s veterinarian and the Breeder.

* The puppy’s weight will be supervised closely until reaching two (2) years of age.  Nothing will be given to the puppy that will encourage rapid growth.

* The puppy will be provided plenty of fresh water, proper shelter from heat or cold, active companionship, appropriate exercise, regular training, and socialization.  Ample quality time will be given to the puppy.

* The Buyer agrees that the puppy will not be raised on slippery surfaces and soft bedding will be provided so the puppy will not be made to lie/sleep on hard surfaces.

* The Buyer agrees to take good and reasonable care of the puppy, feed and house him/her properly, control him/her when away from his home, and avoid loss by theft or running away.

* The Buyer agrees to microchip the puppy and list the Breeder as the secondary contact on the microchip registration.  The microchip number will be provided to the Breeder.

* The Buyer agrees to secure the best of medical attention to ensure the physical welfare of the puppy.

* The Buyer is responsible for all medical expenses that may be incurred on behalf of the puppy.

* The Buyer agrees to hold harmless, the Breeder, from any and all damages to property, other dogs, or persons that may be caused by the puppy.

* The Buyer will not transfer ownership of the puppy, or any pup from this puppy, to any person or organization whose intent is to resell, trade, present as a gift, or use in any laboratory experiment.

* The Buyer agrees if they no longer want to, or cannot, at any time, care for the puppy for any reason, the Breeder shall have first rights of refusal.  The Buyer will first offer the puppy to the Breeder.  If there is a third party wanting responsibility of the puppy, again, the puppy shall be offered first to the Breeder under the same conditions as offered to the third party.  If the Breeder does not accept the offer of the puppy from the Buyer, the Breeder will offer the puppy to the third party and will enter into a written agreement whereby the puppy will be titled back to the Breeder and then the Breeder will in turn enter into a written agreement with the third party under this same contract with the exception that the purchase price be that which is agreed upon between the Buyer and the third party.  All proceeds from the transfer to the third party will be given to the Buyer.  The Breeder will gain no monetary compensation, only the value of quality homes for her Mastiffs, and the comfort of knowing where and who is caring for them at all times.

* The Breeder's kennel name, Oso Bodacious, will be the prefix to the AKC registered name of the puppy.  It is the Buyer's responsibility to register the puppy with the AKC within 6 months of taking possession.  Neither this dog, nor any offspring produced by this dog, shall ever be registered with any other canine registry other then the American Kennel Club (AKC) or the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).
* Contact information shall always be kept up to date.  The Breeder and the Buyer will notify each other if there is a change of address, email, or phone number.

* The Buyer agrees to abide by the Mastiff Club of America (MCOA) Code of Ethics (copy provided).

* The Buyer agrees to demonstrate good will and sportsmanship at all events the puppy engages in.

* The Buyer agrees that, if the dog is to be bred, they will first have the dog tested, at a minimum, for hip and elbow dysplasia, and cystinuria.  The Buyer agrees to share all results with the Breeder.

* The Buyer shall never breed this Mastiff to any other than a respectable specimen of the breed, always keeping in mind the betterment of the breed, always striving to improve the breed and to reduce genetic faults.
* The Buyer agrees to not knowingly breed this dog to any known puppy mill, broker, or pet shop puppy provider.  Nor will this dog be used for the purpose of producing puppies for the same.  This dog shall not be bred for the purpose of producing stock for laboratory experimentation.

* It shall be the Buyer’s responsibility to check the reputability of the stud/bitch owner before a breeding takes place.  Should questions arise as to the reputability of the stud/bitch owner; the Buyer will not breed this Mastiff to that stud/bitch. 
* In the case of a male puppy, the Buyer agrees to grant breeding rights, free of charge, to one bitch per year, owned or co-owned by the Breeder.  The Breeder will be responsible for any and all costs associated with the breeding (i.e. veterinarian charges for sperm evaluations and collection, teaser bitch, and shipping of the sperm).

* The Breeder will provide a five generation pedigree and medical history from birth to date of the Buyer’s possession of the puppy.

* If the puppy is purchased as a pet, with a limited registration, it is recommended that the Buyer spay/neuter the puppy as soon as the puppy reaches an appropriate age to do so.  This is the best way to prevent an accidental breeding.

* It is highly recommended that you crate train your puppy.  Crates are not to be considered cages, but rather safe zones, and a place where your puppy may go for quiet time.  There are many ways your puppy can be injured or made sick in your home.  Crate training keeps your puppy safe from the myriad of dangers when you cannot supervise him/her.  Crate training makes house breaking easier and should crating become necessary due to injury or illness, your puppy will already be comfortable with his/her crate.


Bone ailments can be a result of poor nutrition, over feeding, over supplementing, and/or excessive over exercising.  PLEASE, remember that a Mastiff puppy grows very quickly and carries a lot of weight while very young.  Your puppy may look like an adult but it is a puppy and needs puppy care.  While your puppy does need to stretch his/her legs, it does not take much to tire him/her out.  Do not take your puppy jogging, hiking or for long walks.  Do not make him/her climb steps unaided until they are six (6) months old. 


Exercise should be slow and minimal until he/she is eighteen (18) months old.  Jumping places a great deal of stress on your puppy’s joints.  Do not force your puppy to do repetitive jumping (i.e. training for obedience titles) until he/she is eighteen (18) months old.


Always supervise your puppy when playing with other dogs.  Even though your puppy may seem large, his/her bones and joints are very young and developing.  Most structural damage is done within the first eighteen (18) months of a puppy's life.  It is much better to play with a squeaky toy or tug rope then getting overly rough.


Always choose a toy that is large enough; even a young Mastiff has a mouth and throat large enough to swallow most small toys and bones.


These are large dogs and it is important not to just look at the PUPPY you have today but at the DOG he/she will be when full grown.  NEVER teach your puppy to do anything you would not want him/her to do as a 200lb adult!


Training is important and it is highly recommended that your puppy be taken to a puppy kindergarten or puppy obedience class for proper training and socialization.


Provide a fenced or partial-fenced yard for your puppy; or always keep your puppy leashed when outside of your home.  Your Mastiff must NOT be allowed to roam at large.


Your Mastiff must travel in an enclosed vehicle and not be permitted to travel in an open-bed vehicle.


The Buyer agrees and understands that if any conditions herein are not completed as set forth, the Breeder has the right to repossess the puppy and the Buyer shall not be entitled to any refund of any monies paid to the Breeder pursuant to the agreement contained herein.  Under such circumstances, the Buyer agrees to relinquish any interest in the puppy, and to execute the AKC registration certificate to the sole ownership of the Breeder.  The Buyer agrees that in the event litigation in a court of law becomes necessary, the Breeder may request damages in addition to the value of the puppy, attorney’s fees, and cost incurred.  Any litigation shall be in the County of Coffee, in the State of Alabama.


The Breeder and the Buyer, by affixing their names here, on this date ____________________ do agree to abide by any and all terms of this contract, or be in breach of contract and incur all legal consequences.


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