Other Awesome Wins
Callisto wins Puppy Group 4 in Priceville, AL on 11 November 2006
Judge:  Robin Stansell
Callisto wins Grand Winner Sweepstakes in Priceville, AL on 12 November 2006
Judge:  Robin Stansell
Grizzly goes BOB, Callisto goes BOS on 24 November 2006 in
Montgomery, AL
Judge:  W. Everett Dean, Jr.
Callisto goes BOB, Grizzly goes BOS on 25 November 2006 in
Montgomery, AL
Judge:  James E Noe
Many thanks to Barbara Wadge from Louisiana, Boxer breeder and handler.  She was a tremendous help to me all weekend in Montgomery.  Without her I couldn't have
managed.  She showed Grizzly for me in WD and Breed all weekend and put 3 points, and 2 BOB's on him!!!!  Thanks so much Barbara.  We hope to run into you again.
For the third day in a row, Oso Bodacious Mastiffs went BOB and BOS with Grizzly taking BOB and Callisto
taking BOS.
Callisto also became a New Champion that day - 26 November 2006.
Judge:  Bonnie Linnell Clarke
7 November 2008
Yogi wins Best of Breed Bred-By and goes on to win a Bred-By
Group 4.
Judge:  William E. Hemple (both breed and group).