New CHampions
Oso Bodacious Mastiffs' 1st
Pegasus Osa Bodacious Callisto
Callisto's Pedigree
Callisto became a new champion on 26 November 2006, in Montgomery, AL, under Judge Bonnie Linnell Clark.
THANK YOU Ms. Clark!
Age:  8 Months, 7 Days

Callisto is the youngest female Mastiff EVER to earn the title of Champion.  Of both Sexes, she is 2nd by only 1 day.
She is second to a male Mastiff who earned his championship, in 1994, at the age of 8 months, 6 days.
This information has been confirmed by the AKC.
Oso Bodacious Mastiffs' 2nd
Pegasus Oso Bodacious Silvertip
Grizzy's Pedigree
Grizzly became a new champion on 24 June 2007, in Orlando, FL, under Judge Roberta C. Davies.
This was also Grizzly's third, 4-point major.
THANK YOU Ms. Davies!
Age:  22 months
Oso Bodacious Mastiffs' 3rd Champion
Pegasus Oso Bodacious Kodiak
Kodi's Pedigree
Kodi became a new champion on 3 September 2007, in Lexington, KY, under Judge James C. Briley.
This was also Kodi's third 4-point major that weekend.
THANK YOU Mr. Briley!
Age:  2 years, 9 months, 25 days

Kodi is the 6th CHampion from a single litter.  He is one of 2 Pegasus dogs to CHampion in Lexington, the same weekend, both from the same
(BIS, BISS CH Southports Sherman x CH Pegasus Country Izztwo - DOB:  9 November 2004)

Kodi was expertly handled all weekend in Lexington by Brad Whittington, or his partner Alice Richter.  They did a fantastic job with Kodi.  They
put three 4-point majors on Kodi, as well as finishing him.  Thank you both, Brad and Alice, for all you did!

And special thanks go to "Grandma" Pam for giving up her handler two of those days for Kodi in the Breed ring!  Pam, I think you know how
much that meant to me - THANK YOU!