Our Horses
Foaled:  25 January 1990
His name in Arabic means "sweetheart".
(His cute rider is our granddaughter Mya.  She likes to think Sununu is
Foaled:  11 February 2001
His name in Arabic means "proud, mighty
(Although Tazz is not a true black, he often looks black.)
Tazz recently went to live with his breeder.  
She found him through the internet and said
she would like to have him back.  After long
and serious thought, I agreed.  She is going to
use him for what he was originally bred -
competitive endurance riding.  I think Tazz
will be happy there because he will be ridden
and worked, and he will finally have a job to
Tazz will always be a part of our hearts and
we plan to keep in touch with his breeder so
we can have occasional updates and pictures.
In addition to 5 "house horses" (Mastiffs), we have 2 real horses.  They are both
registered Arabians; Sununu is Polish/Russian, and Tazz is Straight Egyptian.  
They don't live at the house, but are stabled at the Equestrian Center, Ft. Rucker,
Our Mastiffs are frequent visitors to the stables.