Oso Bodacious Mastiffs - Headline News
Deep South Circuit - 20, 21, 22, 23, 28 February, 1 March:
Callisto goes BOB all 6 days she was entered!  Judges were:  Valdosta, GA, 20 Feb., Ed McNamee; Tallahassee, FL,
21 Feb., George Murray, 22 Feb., Kenneth Buxton; Dothan, AL, 23 Feb., Terry Berrios; Pensacola, FL, 28 Feb., Bill
Cunningham, 1 March, Christine Anderson.
22 February:
Callisto gets her first group placement!!!!!  Group 4 under Judge George Murray.  See the picture.
28 February:
Yogi gets his first point in Pensacola, FL under Judge Bill Cunningham!!!!!!!!
12, 15 March:
Thursday in Louisville, KY, Callisto goes BOS against stiff competition and Kizzy goes RWB in her very first show!!!  
Judge:  Holly Scott.  Sunday Callisto gets AOM, again, against very stiff competition!  Judge:  Linda Krukar
29 March:
Kizzy gets her first point in Newnan, GA under Judge Robert Shreve.
3, 4, 5 April:
The "kids", Yogi and Kizzy, go WD, WB and BOW all weekend in Columbiana, AL!!!  Kizzy got BOW Friday and
Sunday and Yogi got BOW Saturday!!  Judges are Annella Cooper, Sue Catlin, and James R. White.
Mid March:
Callisto comes out in the Canine Chronicle's National Rankings for the first time ever!!!!!  She's ranked number 10 in
All-Breed points and she's also ranked number 18 in Eukanuba Standings.
24-26 April:
WOW - What O' Weekend!!!!! Oso Bodacious Mastiffs took BOB, BOS, BOW, WD, and WB ALL 3
DAYS in Montgomery, AL!!!!!  PLUS - on Sunday Callisto got her
2nd Group Placement - Group 4 under Judge M.
Ann Schwartz.
11-17 May:
MCOA National Specialty, Fontana Village, NC.  The dogs from Oso Bodacious Mastiffs do VERY well again at the
Nationals.  Yogi wins 1st Place in Futurity, 12-15 Month Dogs.  Yogi wins 3rd Place in Sweepstakes, 12-15 Month Dogs,
Kizzy wins 2nd Place in Sweepstakes, 12-15 Month Bitches, Terri wins 3rd Place in Over The Hill Handler, and Callisto
wins 4th Place in Brood Bitch, with her two puppies Yogi and Kizzy.
18, 19 July 2009:
IABCA International Shows in Lexington, KY.  Both Kodi and Callisto earn their Int'l CHampionship titles.  Kodi comes
out of retirement and looks GREAT.  Callisto takes BOB all 4 shows and gets 4 Group placements - 2 Group 3's and 2
Group 2's.
25-28 June 2009:
Hattiesburg, MS - Callisto takes BOB all 4 days.  Kizzy gets WB all 4 days.