First Points
Kodi earned his first point on 23
November 2005, in Montgomery, AL,
under Judge Bettie Krause.
Age:  1 year, 14 days
Thank you Mrs. Krause.

Callisto earned her first 2 points
on 22 October 2006, in Albany,
GA, under Judge Polly Smith.  
Callisto did this by going BOS
over 2 bitch specials.
Age:  7 months, 3 days
Thank you Mrs. Smith

Grizzly earned his first 4 points, also his first
Major, on 11 November 2006, in Priceville, AL,
under Judge Audrey Lycan.
Age:  1 year, 2 months, 18 days
Thank you Ms. Lycan

Our most recent pups to earn their first points were 2 of Callisto's babys.
Yogi earned his first point on 28 February 2009,
in Pensacola, FL, under Judge Bill Cunningham.
Age:  10 months, 25 days
Thank you Mr. Cunningham.
Kizzy earned her first point on 29 March 2009,
in Newnan, GA, under Judge Robert Shreve.
Age:  11 months, 26 days
Thank you Mr. Shreve.