American Mastiff
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Our breed is The Mastiff.
There are a number of other breeds in the mastiff family, such as the Bullmastiff, Neapolitan Mastiff, Fila Brasileiro, Tibetan Mastiff, and Spanish Mastiff.  These
are recognized breeds.  They have been established for MANY years.
The "American Mastiff" is not a recognized breed of dog.  It is a mixed breed.  It is part Mastiff and part Anatolian Shepherd.  There are NO health testing
records behind this mix to substantiate the claims of better health.  The natural temperaments for the two breeds that were combined to form this mix are
complete opposites.  This can be, and has been a dangerous combination.  And they do NOT look just like a Mastiff.  Yes, there are many happy 'customers' of
the "American Mastiff" breeders.  You are bound to have some when enough quantity is produced.  But, there are just as many unhappy 'customers’.  The
claims made by these breeders have no factual foundation.  The Mastiff community has had to pick up the ball when these dogs do not turn out - when they are
aggressive, when they drool and the people were assured they did not drool, when they have health problems,  etc.  Their own breeders have NOT stood by
them and the puppies they have produced.  These dogs claim CKC registration.  Do NOT be fooled!  This is NOT the respected Canadian Kennel Club.  It is
a 'knock-off' called the Continental Kennel Club.  All this club requires to register ANY dog is the signature of 2 people (any two people...pick two off the
street) to agree that it is what ever breed (make up a name...they don't care) and 3 pictures (front and each side).
There is not and never will be a perfect breed of dog for every person.  Each breed of dog has the traits that make it unique.  These traits MUST match up with
the lifestyles, expectations and requirements of the families they hope to share the rest of their lives with.  BEWARE of ANY breeder of ANY breed that makes
claims that their dog/breed is the perfect dog for any home or every home needs a "____".

Do your research!
No matter if you think a Mastiff is your breed or a Beagle.
Find out what makes that breed tick.  What are the attributes that make it unique?  If you want a jogging partner a Basset is probably not the dog for you.  If
you have little time to spend 'working' a dog then a Border Collie won't fit the bill.  If you value a pristine house...a Mastiff is probably not the right dog.

Our dogs are Mastiffs, sometimes referred to as English Mastiffs.
These are NOT American Mastiffs! In our opinion the mixed breed mutt called American Mastiff is an irresponsible mix of breeds, bred purely for money under
the guise of creating a dry-mouth Mastiff.
The American Mastiff is NOT a breed!
The so-called American Mastiff is not a breed.  It is a cross, a mix, a mutt--you choose the word.  It is not the gentle giant Mastiff that I have come to know and
love.  If you want a Mastiff you must deal with the drool--that's the trade-off.  Avoid the high priced designer mutts and save a dog from a shelter and put your
money into training.
This "breed" is a mix of an Anatolian Shepherd dog with a Mastiff.  The Anatolian has very strong territorial instincts, is very reserved with strangers and not a
dog for a first time dog owner.  This is the perfect temperament for the job the dog was bred for, which is to protect the family and livestock in rural Turkey.  To
mix the Anatolian with a dog the size of the Mastiff is pure recklessness!  If you want a dog with a dry mouth find one without jowls plain and simple.

The "breeders" of this mix cannot know the temperament of their dogs since they don't know what instincts will assert themselves in their breeding.  You may
wind up with a 200lb dog that cannot be trusted with strangers and is beyond your control and unpredictable.  An unpredictable dog of any size is dangerous--
but much more so when it is a giant dog.  All for trying to get a dry-mouthed dog!
The Anatolian Shepherd
From the AKC standard for the Anatolian Shepherd dog:
"Responsiveness with animation is not characteristic of the breed.  Overhandling would be discouraged."

From the Anatolian Shepherd dog Club of American website:
The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is native to the rural districts of Turkey and Asia Minor where it is the shepherd's companion and protector of livestock.  The
Anatolian Shepherd Dog is a fiercely loyal guard dog that demonstrates a possessive attitude towards family, property and livestock.  He is suspicious of
strangers, reserved when in public and may expect a "formal introduction' before tolerating any familiarities.  The Anatolian requires an owner who can be a
strong, positive leader who consistently requires civilized behavior.  This means SOCIALIZATION!  The Anatolian Shepherd Dog is affectionate with family
and likes well-behaved children.  He does not recognize the child as his master and may be protective of his child.  Careful supervision of children around the
dog is recommended due to the dog's large size and temperament.
More information on the Mastiff Club Of America website.
Anatolian Shepherd dog Club of American
They want everyone to believe that somehow they were able to pick out every positive gene from these two breeds and put them together - only mixing the
good and completely eliminating the bad - whether it be the Anatolian’s sharp temperament or the mastiff's drool.

They intentionally go after the pure breed they bred from stating the "New and Improved" cross is better.  This is what most of the designer breeders are doing
and the Pure Breed community is what targeted

They put the “Mastiff� name on those dogs in hopes they get more folks looking and the American Mastiff.

I just read on one AM site that the American Mastiff is 7/8 Mastiff, and 1/8 Anatolian, yet all AM's being bred now are pure "AM" with no additional Anatolian
out crossing.  How many generations does it take to get a 1:7 ratio; and how many more to "stabilize" the gene pool?

Is anybody who has worked on the creation of this "breed" a geneticist, or have any training at all in genetics?  How did you isolate the genes for drooling, hip
dysplasia, heart disease and longevity in both the Mastiff and the Anatolian Shepherd in order to create less drooling, fewer hip problems (we would like to
know that one for our own dogs!) decreased rate of heart disease, and increased lifespan.

Exactly "what" is in the gene pool that hasn't yet reared its ugly head!  Or have you created a genetic cul de sac and will continue to go in circles for years to

Who were the first 2 dogs - the original Mastiff and the original Anatolian Shepherd?  What were their lines like?

Have there been any studies (done by independent researchers) into the claims of no drool, less heart disease, fewer hip problems, and longer life?  Where is the
supporting evidence for these claims?

Do you have a control group that you do every test on to verify the veracity of your breed "characteristics".

Until you can answer the questions, prove your protocol, until your claims can be recreated by others, your "experiment" is invalid.  You have not created a new
"breed" but merely put 2 dogs together and got mutt.

They say, “the cases of documented medical problems in our dogs is low to almost non-existent�.

Isn't this because there is no or very little health testing on AM's?  If there is no testing - there is no documentation either way.  Hence, the statement of better
health is unfounded.  I went to the FW site and could not find any health testing information whatsoever (not on the Mastiffs or the AM's).

Why doesn't she acknowledge her foundation dogs?  Where is the Anatolian she used?

I find it quite amazing when I hear that ALL of the good qualities were "left in", but the negatives were removed.

This is the story the "breeder" told back in 2001 to someone who had already purchased one of her pups.  Note the original mix was with an unknown breed,
only said to be such and such.  Note that the original foundation male wasn't even born until 1990.  You can look that one up.  Note she says here she only bred
with OEMs after the first initial mix.  This is reprinted exactly as written by the “founderâ€� of the American Mastiff.


Forwarded Message:

Subj: Re: questions
Date: 5/24/2001 2:32:09 PM Pacific Daylight Time

From: (Fredericka Wagner)
To: .........

Hi, ..........; will try to answer your questions; I have been
breeding my americans for
years, I imported my first
english from england many years ago and he
was the dog that I crossed to
the female, said to be anatolian, not registered;
someone gave her to me years ago, she was such a
great dog and looked like a
purebred mastiff to me, but
she did not drool at all. wonderful female. i just loved
her; I bred her to my imported
male, (her name was annie)
if you get an extended pedigree on ........which you can buy from CKC,you will
see her far back on the dam's
side of the pedigree;so many
generations back,she may be
off the six generation pedigree by now; all the rest
of english mastiff.
He is about 7/8 english and
only about 1/8 the outcross
that dried up the mouth.Your
.........mother is Taffy, and
her mother was candy and her mother was Annie,the
original outcross female;
Candy's father was Bournewood Kenworthy Hudson, the dog I paid thousands for
and imported from england years ago.He
was from the best kennel in
england, an english mastiff
and his sire won Crufts three
times, a record never since
broken. Hercules Taffy's sire
is all english. I can fax you
a copy of Taffy's pedigree if
you would like.
ever since that first cross I have bred to english mastiffs....................................

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Here is a different story that Fredricka told the same day???????


Valid input Jane; thanks for your thoughts.

I understand your point: The Anatolian Shepherd is not generally considered a great "house" dog – that much is true. However, the current American Mastiff
was bred to more than just an Anatolian Shepherd:

Here are the facts (as simple as I can make them anyway!):
28 years ago, several OEM's were cross-bred with a mixed breed (1/2 Anatolian Shepherd & 1/2 Great Dane). A few very select pups from those litters where
cross bred back with the OEM & others with an Irish Wolfhound/OEM. Hand-selected pups from best litters were then bed back w/ OEM's. The result
became the American Mastiff. The pedigrees exist to back it up.

American Mastiff's have been bred within their own species for 21 years now! They look exactly like their OEM cousins & have as great a temperament (minus
the drool). AN AMERICAN MASTIFF (from Flying W Farms) HAS NEVER BEEN REPORTED FOR AGGRESSION! How do I know, because people
that buy dogs from Flying W are part of a family…we keep in touch. EVERY dog is accounted for!

No American Mastiff has yet achieved “championship� status in the AKC show ring - this is because the AKC is yet to recognize the breed! Furthermore
the breed was developed not to achieve show ring titles, but to be a better a house pet (nothing more / nothing less). American Mastiffs have a great
temperament w/ a solid & predictable personality.

They have maintained the same genetic standards for breeding maintained by the Seeing Eye in Morristown, NJ (36% inbred). NOBODY can say the Seeing
Eye is producing poor quality dogs!