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The youngest female Mastiff ever to earn the title of Champion.
The second youngest of
both sexes by only 1 day!
Callisto earned her final Championship point in Montgomery, AL, 26 November 2006, under Judge Bonnie Linnell Clarke.
Age:  8 months, 7 days
She is second to a male Mastiff who earned his championship, in 1994, at the age of 8 months, 6 days.
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Oso Bodacious Mastiffs is located in Enterprise, AL, in the
heart of the Wiregrass. My husband Jim and I are owned,
and loved, by 6 Mastiffs.  Our dogs are first and foremost
our "furbabies", and they live in our house with us.

Terri Perkins
We are owners / breeders of the true "Mastiff", somtimes referred to as  the "English Mastiff" or the "Old English Mastiff".  Please do not
confuse our dogs with the "American Mastiff", which is a cross between the Mastiff and the Anatolian Shepherd.  The AKC recognizes the
Mastiff, but does NOT recognize the American Mastiff.  Before you decide on an American Mastiff, please research the temperament
characteristic of this mixed breed very, very carefully.  For more information, see our page on the
American Mastiff.
Callisto finished 2009 as the #4 Female - Breed Points
and #5 Female - All-Breed Points